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Terms of Service Agreement
Magnavolge reserves the right to deny service to anyone. Illegal material such as copyrighted works, commercial media or any material in violation of Canadian or United States legislation or copyright laws are prohibited. Adult material is also prohibited. Customers have the right to store and retain data, but may not utilize their server or server IP address in the sense of a webserver.
  • 48 Hour Setup Guarantee
  • All orders are guaranteed to be processed within 48 hours of order placement. If the customer does not receive an official confirmation message indicating their game server's activation within 48 hours of order placement, the customer will be entitled to a 100% refund of the subscription fee, and Magnavolge will be responsible for any transaction fees imposed by the Paypal service. The customer may then submit a new subscription if they so choose.

  • Billing & Refund Policy
  • All payment transactions occur through the Paypal service. The customer is liable to pay the subscription fee at the rate for which they are subscribed. All subscription charges will be incurred by the customer once every thirty days since the last transaction. Any cancellation of service after 72 hours since the date of transaction will result in a 100% forfeiture of the monthly subscription fee by the customer. The customer will receive a confirmation notice from the Paypal service for every transaction made between their account and Magnavolge. If service is found dissatisfactory or the customer must cancel for other reasons, the customer may submit a support ticket for the cancellation of their service within 72 hours of transaction, and a 100% refund of the subscription fee will be issued to the customer. Magnavolge will not be responsible for any transaction fees incurred by the customer through the Paypal service. If the customer elects to terminate service without posting a proper support ticket f or cancellation, record of the last and next payment dates may be lost and no refund may be issued.

  • Service & Uptime
  • While Magnavolge guarantees maximum uptime (99.9%), routine maintenance may be performed once every very late Sunday evening, between 9:00 pm and 2:00 am PST, at which point all Magnavolge game servers will be down for no more than seven to twenty minutes. The purpose of routine maintenance is to ensure that our customers experience the fullest quality possible in their game server's performance. Neither Magnavolge nor its staff will be held responsible for any downtime resulting from routine maintenance or technical difficulties on part of ServerLoft, where all Magnavolge servers are located.

  • Unlimited Usage
  • Customer agrees paid subscription only pertains to game server, and is entitled to unlimited usage of resources for their paid subscription(s). However, for legal reasons Magnavolge prohibits the use of game servers as online storage for files not relevant to the game server. Furthermore, pirated content, pornography and illegal data are not encompassed by paid subscription. Any data of the sort will be subject to deletion.

  • Data Usage
  • Magnavolge makes no warranties of any kind for stored content or data lost by the customer. If data is lost by Magnavolge due to mismanagement on behalf of its staff, the customer will be entitled to a 100% refund for the monthly subscription fee, even if more than 72 hours have passed since the data of transaction. If the customer loses data due to personal error, Magnavolge may not restore data if data cannot be retrieved. If lost data can be retrieved, Magnavolge's staff will restore it at request of the customer.

  • Customer Service
  • Magnavolge will endeavor to provide premium performance as well as dedicated service and support to the customer. Any queries or complications pertaining to service may be resolved in the Magnavolge support forum. All queries and complications will be answered within 48 hours.

  • Third Party Mod Installations
  • Per request in the Magnavolge support forum, the customer may ask for a third-party game mod to be installed on their server, at no additional cost. The customer may post this request with the provision of a hyperlink to the mod itself. While Magnavolge will install the mod at the customer's request, Magnavolge will not be responsible for configuring the mod. This option is intended to provide the customer with an option to save time on downloading and uploading.

  • Game Reinstallations
  • The customer will never incur a fee for game installations, regardless of whether it is requested by self or recommended by a support representative. If technical problems experienced by the customer cannot be resolved by conventional means and it is determined by a support representative that a reinstallation of the game of subscription is in order, the customer will be notified and prompted to back up any important data in their server's installation directory. The support representative will also prompt the customer to respond to their support thread with confirmation for the game reinstallation to their server.

  • Indemnity
  • Customer agrees that Magnavolge will not be held responsible for any demands, liabilities, losses, costs or claims associated with attorney's or legal fees in any claims made against Magnavolge. Magnavolge will endeavor to purge its services of any illegalities, including pirated content. The customer also agrees that Magnavolge will be indemnified with regard to any loss or injury that might occur because of service.

  • Privacy Policy
  • Magnavolge will never ask for personal information beyond a valid first name, last name and working e-mail address/Paypal account. All other information remains confidential to the customer and the Paypal service or their financial institution. Magnavolge reserves the right to store customer data, and to send it to the customer, to their registered e-mail address, upon the customer's request. Under no means will any of the customer?s data be infringed upon or distributed to anybody else by Magnavolge.